In Improvisations, my exhibition at Leeds University School of Design, found and adapted items are arranged alongside carefully crafted objects, giving a sense of three-dimensional collage. Chance and improvisation play a key role in these new sculptures and photographs arranged in the glass cabinets of the School of Design, and projected onto the large screen in the foyer.

The exhibition builds on my London solo show, Pink, at William Benington Gallery in which I explored the question of whether the colour pink could ever be seen as a neutral colour. Here too I played with objects and materials and with Einstein’s idea of ‘combinatory play’ being an ‘essential feature in productive thought’. My practice has always been a direct response to a location, issue or visual element of contemporary life. Her sculptures frequently appear in clusters or groups which play with perspective and scale. Integral to these sculptures is her use of colour and how it changes with context.

The exhibition continues until the 13th April 2016.

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