Leighton House Residency and Exhibition


A residency and exhibition in two parts addressing the overall question of whether minimal, pared down shape and colour could hold its own in such a rich environment. In the main part of the house I considered Leighton’s obvious love for drapery in his work. We found and framed drawings in the archive and I positioned painted paper works, inspired also by blown rubbish outside the gallery, amongst his paintings and drawings.

The second part of the show was in the dedicated exhibition space of the Perrrin Gallery, a box like room with horizontal panels around the walls. Outside, on Kensington High Street, boxes are left out for recycling having transported goods around the world. Similarly Leighton House itself has a neutral brick exterior, yet houses tiles and artefacts from Syria and beyond. Here I made a series of work based on cardboard boxes and set against the dark interior of the gallery.

See also: boxes and discarded

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