Outdoor work

Paper Economy
Paper Economy is a powder –coated steel structure which spent two years in Spitalfields. The piece was designed to draw gentle attention to the qualities of A4 paper used ubiquitously in the offices surrounding Bishop’s Square. As office workers type and print their documents, few might consider the beauty of the rectangle on which they are working and the effect it has on the way they think and what they write. A root 2 rectangle, the basis of the International Paper system, retains its proportions each time it is folded in half. As a result large sheets of paper can be cut in half and half again with no wastage.

Natural Frequency Pink
The Golden Section, or Divine Proportion, has a long history. It is found in art, science …in plant growth and in Gothic Cathedrals; in human DNA and the pyramids. In this sculpture my aim is to examine the relationship between geometry and nature. The sculptures consist of a larger golden section cuboid and the square and smaller golden section from which it is constructed. They are made of powder coated steel in a bright, pale pink to stand out against the light green surroundings of summer woods. They were first shown in Sculptural, William Benington Gallery’s biennial outdoor sculpture exhibition, and will be exhibited in Hannah Peschar Sculpture Garden this summer.

Standing form Red is an early commission for a new sculpture park which has now closed. It is made from painted steel.

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