I have spent the last few years censoring the use of the colour pink. Many of the teenagers I teach use and choose it without question. Yet whilst resisting gender stereotypes and commercial interest in the classroom I find I have unwittingly started to use it in the studio. A version of the natural primary, magenta, pink is strange to handle, evoking as it does so much reaction. Too much can quickly feel cloying and excessive. Yet a bright, mid-tone pink can comfortably hold its own in the complex visual environment of the city as seen increasingly on building sites and bicycles. In nature, as in the Natural Frequency a paler colour can contrast with the green of Spring.

This investigation was the theme of Pink, my solo show at William Benington Gallery in 2015. I explored the edges of tolerance both emotional and formal, and tested its reaction with other colours and materials. The questions I explored are part of my overall interest in how form, colour, shape and material can relate to, and reveal aspects of, the spaces and ideas around them.

Link: My approach to creating work for this exhibition, which was one of play and improvisation, was the basis for my next show, Improvisations

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