White City

2005 – 2009

An installation, website and community project linked to the history of White City.

Over a hundred small plaster and steel pieces, cast from recycled containers to give a feeling of shapes which have been seen before, a quiet resonance with the everyday. They conjure up the experience of walking through city streets, as well as evoking a dream world with towers and faceless buildings waiting to capture and hold the imagination. The effect of looking down onto the shapes can either make the viewer feel they are a small character in the drama taking place below or that they are flying or floating over the scene.

The works were first shown in a darkened room in an abandoned house then in APT gallery. After that they were part of a solo show in an architectural practice, Hugh Cullum Architects where they were shown in the Perspex boxes of architectural models.

This installation was the inspiration for a two year community project in White City, working with school children to encourage them to own their history of the first British Olympics and the Great White City exhibition.

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