About The Magnificent Seven series

2002 -2012 These ‘drawings’ of Victorian headstones were originally commissioned to remember absent graves in West Norwood Cemetery before transferring to the Churchyard at Croft Castle. In West Norwood, as part of site=specific exhibition, Curious, these metal ‘drawings’ in painted steel, traced the outlines of headstones on land previously cleared by the Council. They represent those buried in the cemetery but whose grave is no longer marked. By day their strong colour and simple abstract forms will be visible from outside and within the cemetery. By night, visible from the road, they will catch the moonlight. In Croft Castle they opened up new possibilities for visitors to remember their own histories whilst they also take on the stories of forgotten members of the Croft family. This project is my second in one of London’s Magnificent Seven’ cemeteries. The first was my solo exhibition ‘All Soles’ in the Brompton Cemetery in 2002.