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Too many eggs?

[ux_cb_wrap][ux_cb_single_image unique="1596963424078" col="7"][ux_cb_text unique="1596962750098" col="12"] Dear Sam, Regarding the brass egg boxes, this theme of packaging is something that I...

Benin Bronzes

[ux_cb_wrap][ux_cb_text unique="1541765961478" col="12"]The Kingdom of Benin has a long tradition of bronze casting which has been passed down and still...

The process

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The Scottish Sculpture Workshop

[ux_cb_wrap][ux_cb_text unique="1541757161247" col="12"]An amazing place in the North of Scotland, which provides artists with the rare combination of being able...

Getting there

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Charlie Fegan and Milwyn Art Foundry

In June I was excited to judge the Royal Society of Sculptors bronze award supported by Milwyn Art Foundry. This prize is given to a graduating student from the RA, provides 3-6 month space and support at the foundry, £3000 of materials and a show of work at the Society. Alex Davies of Milwyn and I were

All soles Brompton Cemetery

This site-specific exhibition was shown inside the chapel of the Brompton Cemetery in 2001.The shapes on the walls were inspired by the headstones outside. At the time I was experimenting with how very slight differences in line, of only a couple of millimetres, could change the look of a curve or shape significantly. The shapes are cut from aluminium and painted with pigment and graphite

About The Magnificent Seven series

These ‘drawings’ of Victorian headstones were originally commissioned to remember absent graves in West Norwood Cemetery before transferring to the Churchyard at Croft Castle. In West Norwood, as part of site=specific exhibition, Curious, these metal ‘drawings’ in painted steel, traced the outlines of headstones on land previously cleared by the Council. They represent those buried in the cemetery but whose grave is no longer marked. By day their strong colour and simple abstract forms will be

Video of Curious installation