Hansard Studio 11-14th May 2023


INTERWOVEN – Chromatic Conversations is an intimate show of work at Hansard Studio by Clare Burnett and Claude Vergez  – a conversation between two artists who have shared studios and practice over two decades.


Their work – paintings by Vergez and sculptures by Burnett – meets in a space of abstraction, a moment in time when colour and form interact in a subtle and questioning  manner.  

At the core of both artists’ practice is the question of colour, the constant quest for presence versus subtlety, its unpredictable emotional nature  and how combinations can act on the psyche like a gong.

The exhibition sings with light, saturated hues, complementary colours, new perceptions created by the juxtaposition of one colour against the other.  Both Vergez and Burnett use repetition and pattern to build these effects – Vergez through swirling forms and empty spaces and Burnett in the pixel-like patterns of the elements across a surface. 


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