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C-Burnett   IMG_4681



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“If I can see you, can you see me?”

An online solo show at One To Ten Gallery

November 5th – 30th 2022

@onetotengallery on instagram

The gallery shows 1:10 scale work in a 26 x 67 x 36cm space.


Sculptor's Drawings

IMG_4195    IMG_4196

Latymer Upper School, King Street, London W6

November 10th – July 2023

PV or by appointment


Coming up 

Trinity Buoy Wharf Drawing Prize, Touring UK 2022/23

Solo show at Art Seen, Nicosia, Cyprus. March 2023

Maquettes, No Show Space curated by Robert Moon, December 2023

Royal Society of Sculptors Forecourt, Summer 2023